My turn: Still chasing fame

I’ve always wanted to be a sports hero. Growing up in east Texas, my three older brothers were tackling me while I was still in diapers. After they eventually deserted me for girls, I won many games with last-play TD catches, grand slams and jump shots. Unfortunately, I was by myself in our pasture. Later, […]

Children take spotlight at fair


Jared Tucker Chasing pigs, wrestling goats, racing turtles, roping a dummy steer and saddling up on a wooden horse were among Saturday’s events during the Roosevelt County Fair Kid’s Day. Seven-year-old Hayden Powell’s team took the best time in goat branding in the first round. Powell said he didn’t need any practice to earn the […]

Area tornado chasers say their hobby is ‘fascinating’

David Arkin Severe weather involving tornados and lightning can lift fish out of lakes, snap utility poles like soggy toothpicks and force cows to scatter like bowling pins in all different directions. So it’s no wonder storm chaser Jerome Provencio says he might be a little bit crazy. And you can’t really blame him for […]