Portales past: Dec. 7, 1941

Dec. 7, 1941: The Portales Daily News: Headline: “Japs Attack US, 50 Japanese Planes Loose Powerful Bombs on United States Fortifications In Hawaii. Bulletin: The United States Is Now At War With Japan As The Aggressor”

U.S. can’t push Middle East peace process

Freedom New Mexico Perhaps the most poignant headline we saw regarding last week’s parliamentary elections in Israel ran over a Reuters story: “Israel faces gridlock, peace prospects dim.” Big surprise. Israel has a parliamentary system, meaning a prospective prime minister must put together a majority coalition in the 120-member Knesset, or Parliament. Current foreign minister […]

Bloopers create infamous days in journalism

By Helena Rodriguez: Freedom Newspapers I never wanted to drown Little Miss Merry Christmas, but I was accused of plotting this unthinkable crime when my headline came rolling out of our newsroom printer. On this fateful day in the early 1990s, my then colleague Janet Bresenham came waving a piece of paper I had just […]

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