Feb. 6 Public Record

The following marriage certificates were recently issued in the Roosevelt County Courthouse: • Joshua Rolen, 18, and Dlya Anne Parsons, 18, both of Portales. • Ryan Aguirri, 19, and Brittany Elrod, 18, both of Portales. • Antonio Plemons, 28, and Nora Juana Tacho, 37, both of Portales. • Tony Flores Sr., 41, and Carmelita Lucero, […]

Public Record April 18

The following dispositions were recently filed in the Roosevelt County district court: l Nasario Maldonado, 21, was found guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of shoplifting, three counts of forgery, driving on suspension or revocation and concealing identity and the defendant will serve a term of 13 1/2 years of incarceration. […]

Eating undercooked meat is not rare

Jim Lee Why is undercooked steak called “rare” when it’s so commonplace? Isn’t “rare” supposed to indicate something unusual? There’s nothing unusual about undercooked steak. A lot of people like it that way, but I ain’t one of them, friends and neighbors. Some people like it downright raw in my estimation. Why don’t they just […]