Municipal election sample ballot

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Police: DNA sample law would benefit, not burden


Argen Duncan Local law enforcement officials say a proposed requirement to take DNA samples from people arrested for any felony would be a benefit, not a burden. Under existing state law, anyone 18 or older arrested for felonies involving death or bodily harm, sexual assault, kidnapping, burglary, larceny, robbery, aggravated stalking, use of a firearm […]

Roosevelt County Sample ballot

The following is a sample of the Nov. 2 general election ballot as it will appear to voters in Roosevelt County:

General election sample ballot

The following is a sample of the Nov. 2 general election ballot as it will appear to voters in Roosevelt County:

June 6 —

The following is a sample of calls made to dispatch from Wednesday through Friday.

Police Blotter — May 16

The following is a sample of recent calls to the Portales Police dispatch from Tuesday through Friday. Tuesday • At 10:44 a.m. a caller in the 200 block of West Maple requested an officer as her ex-boyfriend had taken her trailer.

Police blotter — April 21

A sample of recent calls received by Portales dispatch: April 17 • At 4:53 p.m., a caller in the 1600 block of South Roosevelt Road 4 requested a deputy as two pit bulls were sitting beside or tied to a fence and appeared to be injured. • At 6:39 p.m., a caller reported a trailer […]

10/18 Blotter

PNT staff A sample of calls received by the Portales Police Department from Oct. 12-15. Oct. 12 • 3:53 a.m., caller at 1200 block of East 3rd Street reported a car followed him to his house, stopped for awhile, and then drove off. • 9:44 p.m., caller at 700 block of West 17th Lane reported […]

Aug. 26, 2008 Blotter

The following is a sample of calls received recently at the Portales Police Department’s dispatch unit. August 15• At 12:23 p.m., a caller reported phone harassment at a residence on South Roosevelt Road R.• At 1:30 p.m., a caller reported criminal damage of a building on West Ivy Street.• At 3:49 p.m., a caller reported […]

Africanized bees found in Clovis

By William P. Thompson A Portales pest control company official said a sample of bees found in Clovis “in the middle of town” has tested positive as being a strain of Africanized or “killer” bees. Lewis Hightower, owner of Southwestern Pest Control, said the sample was tested at a U.S. Department of Agriculture facility in […]